What is intimake?

Intimake is a community for people from various fields (makers, educators, therapists, etc.) who wish to discuss, explore and facilitateintimacy and healthy sexuality through tech. We believe that the use of technology and our dependency on it will only grow with time, making its influence on relationships, love and sexuality increasingly important. We aim to push for new projects, websites, applications and devices whose goal is to bring people together and create real solutions to existing problems in these fields. We wish to challenge the usual view of technology as something that pulls us apart and hurts our intimacy. Since we believe the effect of digital technology will only grow, we understand this is a critical stage where we have the chance to influence the direction technology develops and how we will react to it. Our goal is to learn how to use technology as a tool that brings us together and helps us create and establish intimate relationships in our lives.

About us

Intimake is a community for professionals and enthusiasts interested in bridging technology, intimacy and relationships

The Intimake community has more than 400 members, most of them professionals in technological, therapeutic or educational fields. The community is led by a group of friends who believe the importance of this subject and wish to lead the change in the world. We organize meetups of lectures and community building where participants can learn about new technological developments, discuss their personal view on the intersection of technology and intimacy, and create projects together. We place special emphasis on working with populations that are under-represented in mainstream technological companies in order to connect them to makers who are able to help them solve intimacy related issues using technological tools.

The Team

This is us

Michael Doron

Michael is a neuroscientist and a machine learning programmer, one of the organizing team of the DataHack – Israel’s largest data science and machine learning hackathons.

Guy Sheffer

Maker and entrepreneur
Guy is a maker, open code developer, VP R&D at Shapedo, and a burning man participant. He is one of the organizing team of TOM (Tikun Olam Makers).

Maya Magnat

Digital performance artist
Maya is a digital performance artist, sexuality educator and an MA student for technology in education. She is an independent researcher and speaker of intimacy tech

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